Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment Terms

Payment is strictly on a prepayment basis, within seven days of booking.

  1. Availability

The number of stands is limited to each category; therefore are available on a first come first served basis.

  1. Cancellation

All bookings are deemed binding upon receipt of your completed booking form. For cancellation of your booking up to 60 days prior to the event you will be charged 50% of the stand space. For cancellation of your booking up to 40 days prior to the event you will be charged 100% of the stand space.

  1. Opening Hours for Visitors

Opening hours 10am – 4.00pm. Stands must be manned at all times.

  1. Application for space and allotment of stands

Application for exhibition space must be made on the booking form provided. The organisers reserve the right to grant or refuse application without giving reason.

  1. Allotment of stands

The organisers reserve the right to alter stand numbers and locations but will advise stand holders before doing so. In the event of changes being necessary every effort will be made to provide a stand of comparable value.

  1. Erection of Stands

Shell schemes and table stands will be provided.  Shell scheme stands come in at a standard 2m x 2m size and tables are 6ft x 2ft.

  1. Use of Display Space

The exhibitor may not use any public address equipment, radio broadcasting or stereo equipment.

  1. Exhibitor’s Staff, Promotions and Exhibits

Every stand must be open to visitors to view and be in the charge of a competent representative of the company during opening hours. The organisers reserve the right to refuse to admit, or may remove any products, exhibits, advertising matter or articles at their absolute discretion. Price lists, promotional matter and displays may only be within an exhibitor’s stand or site and not in public areas or engage with visitors in any gangways, reception, refreshment or public areas.

  1. Exhibitors and Organisers Liability

Valid Public Liability Insurance certificate is required for each exhibitor.

(i) Third Party: The exhibitor is responsible for all claims arising from personal injury or damage to property arising in connection with exhibitor’s stand and anything permitted, omitted, or done therefrom during the period of the exhibition or the construction and dismantling periods caused directly or indirectly by the Exhibitor or any contractor, , agent, representative, licence or invitee of his or the act omission or neglect or any such person or by any exhibit machinery or other article or thing of the Exhibitor or any servant or agent of this. The Exhibitor will indemnify the organisers in respect of any and each such claim and all actions, proceedings, costs, claims and demands in respect thereof. The Exhibitor must take out adequate insurances in respect of such claims.

(ii) Cancellations of exhibition: if the exhibition is cancelled or abandoned by reason of war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lockout, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, the non-availability of the exhibition premises or any other cause not within the control of the organisers, the organiser may at their own discretion repay the rental paid by the Exhibitor and shall in any event be under no liability to the Exhibitor in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including consequential losses), costs and expenses.

(iii) Failure to Vacate: if the Exhibitor or his servants, agents, representative or subcontractors  should fail to vacate the exhibition premises by 20:00 hours on the exhibition day respectively, due to any cause whatsoever, the organisers will hold the Exhibitor fully responsible for any costs incurred by the organiser for the remains of the goods.

(iv) Liability for injury, loss or damage:

(a) Except in circumstances where the general law prohibits absolutely the exclusion of liability, the organisers shall not be held liable for injury to any persons attending, working at, visiting, or otherwise entering upon the exhibition premises for any reason whatsoever or for any loss of or damage to any exhibit or properly brought onto the exhibition premises by such persons whether it belongs to them or not, howsoever such injury, loss or damage may be caused.

(b) The Exhibitor (or, if different the stand holder, in which case the liability shall be joint  and several) shall fully and effectually indemnify and keep harmless the organisers against and from all claims made in respect of any such injury, loss or damage as aforesaid connected with the stand or manning or running it.